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The Centauro – A Four-Legged Disaster-Response Robot!


The Centauro robot consists of a four-legged base and an anthropomorphic upper body. It is capable of performing robust locomotion and harsh interactions that may be necessary during disaster relief tasks. It is also able to break wood pieces.

source/image(PrtSc): Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

The CENTAURO project aims at development of a human-robot symbiotic system where a human operator is telepresent with its whole body in a Centaur-like robot, which is capable of robust locomotion and dexterous manipulation in the rough terrain and austere conditions characteristic of disasters.read more: centauro-project

Centaur robot has flexibility in its limbs which makes it useful among others. Each of its limbs can rotate and allows the robot to take various shapes and postures for different tasks. It can crouch like a spider while operating the tools and can also be in an upright wheeled position for moving.


A human operator will control the robot intuitively using a full-body telepresence suit that provides visual, auditory, and upper body haptic feedback. Rich sensors will provide the necessary situation awareness. Robot percepts and suggested actions will be displayed to the operator with augmented reality techniques.