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A Power Assisted Bed That Turns Into a Chair!


Difficulty getting in and out of a normal or profiling bed means loss of independence and can result in residents spending long periods of time in a reclining chair.

source/image(PrtSc): Multifit International Ltd

The Easy Access Bed (EAB) is a power assisted bed that turns into a chair for the purpose of assisting a person into and out of bed with minimal effort.

Ideal for home or rest-home, this power-driven integration of comfort chair, recliner and lifter converts to a full-function, adjustable profiling bed with a superior flat sleeping surface – all at the touch of a button!


Control is via a simple hand set with four buttons. The Easy Access Bed transforms smoothly and seamlessly from a horizontal or a legs elevated bed to a recliner, an upright chair and finally to a chair position that tilts the user forwards making it much easier for them to stand up.

VIAMultifit International Ltd
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