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Most Versatile Futuristic Wheelchair On The Planet


AbleChair is a revolutionary way to give people with disabilities the chance to regain such an important part of their lives.The biggest problem being in a regular wheelchair is that people are limited to being in the exact same position and the exact same height all the time.

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The AbleChair is the most multipurpose wheelchair in the world, combining the benefits of mobility, therapy, position control, and transfers.AbleChair empowers wheelchair users with increased independence and improved health.

It allows users to be put in any number of positions through a wireless phone app for added convenience and enables users to save and recall their favorite positions with the touch of a button. The therapeutic benefits of the AbleChair are simply priceless.Its extended lift adjustment allows standard elevated sitting and beyond as well as lowered sitting all the way down to the floor.


Elevated sitting provides eye-level conversation with peers promoting better posture and psychological benefits.This wheelchair has the ability to lower the seat completely to the ground, so all you have to do is transfer out of the chair and then get right back into the seat. The chair has also a full-function power wheelchair with speed limit settings, electromagnetic breaking and drive engagement levers.