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The Cyclotron Bike, A Hubless Spokeless Smart Cycle

The Cyclotron Bike – Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Cycle. This is the World’s first Hubless Production Bike with an Electronic Gear Box & Ultra Lightweight Space-Grade Carbon Fiber Composite Frame.

source/image(PrtSc): indiegogo

Packed with sensors and powered by an iPhone & Android App. The Cyclotron is the most versatile & technically advanced smart bike currently available.

This bike has three models: one model has a base featuring a manual 12-speed, the middle model features an 18-Speed manual, and the top-of-the-line model offers an 18-Speed E-Gear |electronic gearbox|.The bike only weighs only 26 lbs, which is impressive considering this groundbreaking design.


All lights of the Cyclotron Bike are toggled by the automatic Light Sensor, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. This tremendously enhances your visibility when riding in traffic, or on roads with no public street lighting.

The Cyclotron Bike features two different riding styles. SPORT – A very streamlined and low-profile one for optimal speed and performance. COMFORT – A more relaxed and upright one for cruising and better comfort.