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A Unique Remote Controled “BM” Truck-Mounted Forklift!

Box-mounted (BM) truck-mounted forklifts from Palfinger are stowed in a box on the carrier vehicle during transportation and are ready to use in less than 30 seconds anywhere and at any time.The remote controlled truck-mounted forklift features an impressive design that is revolutionary and functional.

source/image(PrtSc): PALFINGER Service

All functions are controlled remotely by the operator,a special ‘universal- joint’ type steering arrangement allows the forklift to move easily over uneven ground and to manoeuvre around restricted areas.

The Truck-Mounted Forklift is powered by a 3-cylinder Diesel engine. Its maximum lifting capacity is 1500kg and max lift height is 2850mm. Dimensions are: length: 2430mm; width: 1950mm; Height (raised): 1925mm. Dead weight is 1485kg.


Mounted on the rear of a carrier vehicle or in a protective box between the axles, the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift will accompany you right to your place of use, opening up unprecedented possibilities in terms of transportation.