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The “Enercon E126” – The Most Powerful Wind Turbine in The World


The Enercon E-126 is a wind turbine model manufactured by the German company Enercon. With a hub height of 135 m, rotor diameter of 126 m = and a total height of 198 m , this large model can generate up to 7.58 megawatts of power per turbine.

source/image: Extreme World and Engineering

The power output of the generator was changed from 6 MW to 7 MW after technical revisions were performed in 2009.Each E-126 prefab tower consists of thirty-five tapering concrete rings and one steel yaw bearing connector.

The weight of the foundation of the turbine tower is about 2,500 t, the tower itself 2,800 t, the machine housing 128 t, the generator 220 t, the rotor (including the blade) 364 t. The total weight is about 6,000 t.


The first turbine of this model was installed in Emden, Germany in 2007. The list price of one unit is $14 million plus install costs.

VIAExtreme World and Engineering
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