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The First South Pole Expedition With a Vehicle Built From Plastic Waste, Powered By The Sun!


With the first solar-powered expedition to the South Pole and a sailing think-tank we show how a small start can have a big impact.Two people are heading for the South Pole in a vehicle made of plastic waste, powered by the sun.

source/image(PrtSc): clean2antarctica

Driving on Antarctica needs creative thinking. How do we float on top of the snow or provide drinking water? How can we communicate with the Mission Control Center?read mroe: clean2antarctica

Ten solar panels provide constant power for the engine, and vacuum pipes can melt the ice. Its light weight is spread across special wheels to make driving more efficient. The Solar Voyager started as a plastic puzzle and is now a high-tech vehicle built for Antarctica.


The e four-wheeled buggy tows a pair of two-wheeled trailers that suport 10 bifacial solar panels and weighs 1,485 kg, and also store supplies, including 47 days worth of food.It measures 16 m long and moves at the speed of 8 km/h from the power generated by the solar panels.

The journey of the solar voyager will take place over five weeks, seeing the team set out from their antarctica base camp and drive to the south pole. From their they will turn around and return, completing a journey of 2,400 km on arrival back at base camp. The Solar Voyager proves that we don’t have to invent new technology, but rediscover what we can do with it. We have all the technology we need for a sustainable world, now it’s time to apply it.