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The FitWet, A Hot Tub Bike Exercise Bike Machine

The FitWet bike allows you to reshape your body in a safe and sustainable way through its pedaling in water. It also helps strengthen muscles and effectively reduces any cellulite or orange peel appearances.The Fit Wet Hot Tub Bike makes claims like: Restores the articular flexibility, reloads calcium to the bones and fights water retention.

source/image: Fit Wet

While exercising in water is known to be better for your joints, there are simple hot tub exercises that can be done in the hot tub you already own.

This machine will fill up in about 3 minutes with clean warm water which automatically improves the blood flow to your extremities, this is needed in order to gain stamina over the resistance provided by the water in a smooth way, thus providing double the calorie burn with minimal effort.


FitWet Bike can double the stationary cycling’s figure by burning up to 500 calories in only a half hour of training!The water jets streaming at your ass while you pedal also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, rubbing your skin into the perfect, springy consistency it was when you were a wee teenager.