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Fuller Moto’s Futuristic 2029 Custom Motorcycle

Built by Fuller Moto in Atlanta, Georgia, the 2029 was commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery to create a futuristic motorcycle concept in the style of the French 1929 Majestic. The Majestic was a very unique machine for its time. Shaped like a slimmed streamlined torpedo, it had features that few motorcycles had at the time.

source/image(PrtSc): Fuller Moto

Fuller built the 2029 to go beyond the limits of design and to create something that defies the normal assembly of a motorcycle: it is an electric motorcycke, with an aluminum body.

source/image(PrtSc): Fuller Moto

Unlike most bikes which have a traditional front fork setup, the 2029 has hub centric steering coming off of a front swing-arm, transparent polycarbonate wheels and some 3D printed titanium parts.


Fuller decided to incorporate an electric powertrain. To do so, he scavenged the motor and batteries from a Zero FXS.The batteries were modified so they sat low in the chassis and the motor line up with the bike’s tall 23″ clear polycarbonate centered wheels.

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Fuller Moto’s futuristic 2029. With its unconventional style and innovative build techniques, the 2029 asks us to think differently about design, and provides us a glimpse into what may be to come in a new age of customs.

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