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The HELIOtube – A New Way To Turn Se Sun’s Power Into Energy


The tides provide an infinitive source of clean energy. Learn how to transform the power into electricity. Tidal power, a source of energy used in a few places since the eighth century, has basically been ignored in our modern age.

source/image: heliovis

Although it is renewable, dependable, and enjoys low running costs.Thanks to recent efforts by Siemens partner Marine Current Turbines Ltd. in the UK,there is new interest and investment in this ancient technology.

source/image: heliovis

The HELIOtube is a highly innovative type of solar concentrator with plastic films as its key component. The results are significant advantages in capital expenditure and operating expenses.



Therefore, the HELIOtube allows 55 % cost savings and significant reductions in CO2 emissions over the entire lifecycle compared to the most advanced glass mirror based parabolic trough technologies.

The mirror film divides the concentrator into two air-tight chambers running lengthwise through the tube. Small pressure differences between the top and bottom chambers arch the mirror film downward.

source/image: heliovis

Thus, a mirror channel is created that concentrates the sun rays onto a thermal receiver in the upper chamber.

Is said to cost about 55% less than conventional trough systems, and to represent a CO2 emissions savings of 40%, because its lightweight materials are much less resource-intensive to manufacture and can be recycled at their end of life.

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