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This Man Hates Traffic So He’s Building a Flying Car In Mojave Desert


Like the rest of us, Dezso Molnar hates traffic. But lucky for you, he’s working on the solution. In this segment of “Hello World: Mojave,” Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance catches up with the eccentric polymath in the desert and they take to the sky.

source/image: Bloomberg

An aerospace engineer by the name of Dezso Molnar has created a homemade motorcycle like gyrocopter, which he claims will one day replace his car as a means of transport.

source/image: Bloomberg

Inspired by the idea of a flying car and fueled by his disgust for rush hour traffic, Dezso, after lots of hard work in his garage, created his very own motorcycle-like gyrocopter.


This homemade gyrocopter features the body of a bike, with rides on a custom suspension and is powered by a massive engine tucked at the rear.

The engine propels the gyrocopter in the forward direction and the thrust generated by this motion is then used to spin the overhead rotors.