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The Holmes 747 Jetmobile Jet Engine On Wheels


747 Capt. Paul Holmes has taken a sketch on a bar napkin to the extreme with his Jetmobile built from a 747 engine! It won’t get off the ground, but it’s got 1st class seats, spiral staircase, smoke and sound effects! You’ve got to see this to believe it!

source/image: Matt Abrams

Paul Holmes, a 747 driver for a major airline, had the opportunity to purchase an engine shroud.He started with one of the cowlings that protect a 747 engine and placed it on a chassis from an electric Club Car golf cart.

source/image: oppositelock.kinja.com

He then purchased some of the airplane’s carpeting, two first-class seats, interior window paneling, a spiral staircase, rudder pedals and a captain’s chair.The finished project tops out at a maximum speed of about 15 mph.


Since range would be too limited for a man who normally leaps entire oceans in an evening,the next addition was an AC generator. Given limitless power.

The next natural step was a killer stereo system, followed by a bubble machine, a smoke generator, and lots of sparkly lights.His creation is complete with first class seats, a spiral staircase and a captain’s seat from an actual 747. It’s all contained in a cowling from a 747 engine.

VIA Paul Holmes
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