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HRP-5P Construction Humanoid Robot

AIST’s newly developed humanoid robot “HRP – 5P” succeeded in construction work using real weight materials. An explanation movie of each action will also be released soon.The prototype demonstration shows the robot, dubbed HRP-5P, picking up a piece of plaster board and screwing it into a wall.

source/image(PrtSc): AthisTech

This kind of flexible humanoid robot is designed to be able to replicate human motions in complicated construction environments.

The HRP-5P comes with a height of 182 cm and weight of 101 kg, and with 2 degrees of freedom of the neck, 3 degrees of freedom of the waist, 8 degrees of each arm, 6 degrees of each leg and 2 degrees of each hand, totaling 37 degrees of freedom – a maximum frequency in the HRP series.


Its robot intelligence comprises environmental measurement and object recognition, full-body motion planning and control, task description and execution management, and highly reliable systemization technologies. Housing the intelligence in this body has enabled autonomous gypsum board installation by the robot, which is a typical example of heavy labor at construction sites.