Home Technology The Jetson Speeder – A Personal Electric flying EVTOL Aircraft!

The Jetson Speeder – A Personal Electric flying EVTOL Aircraft!


This is our first milestone – on the way to personal electric flight available to everyone. Jetson Speeder prototype made its first manned flight taking its pilot to the sky.It turned out to be a fantastic experience that everyone should be able to try.via: Tomasz Patan

source/image(PrtSc): Tomasz Patan

Being able to move through the air so effortlessly without vibrations or noise – it just felt so great. For the Jetson Speeder construction aircraft grade aluminum was used, shaped profiles were cut and joined together using rivets, a technology used for a long time in the aircraft industry.Tomasz Patan

After months of careful planning, designing, programming and building we had this beautifully flying electric machine which was the first step leading to something even greater.


Bringing the personal electric flight to everyone.Jetson Speeder prototype PAV(personal air vehicle) is powered by 8 powerful brushless electric motors and lithium batteries.It is capable of lifting a passenger up to 100kg(220lbs) weight.The flight time is 15 minutes./Tomasz Patan