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Toppling Furniture – Anchor It And Protect a Child!


Hundreds of children suffer injuries every year due to furniture or televisions toppling on them. On average, one or two of these children will die from blunt impact injuries or asphyxiation due to the crushing weight of these products. Furniture comes in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but most free-standing furniture is unstable to some degree. If there’s a chance a child will climb on it, there’s a good chance it could topple over.

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By anchoring large furniture, televisions and appliances, these terrible tragedies can be prevented.Preventing a serious injury or tragedy occurring in your home is easy and affordable. Use anchoring devices to secure furniture and televisions to a wall or other building structure.//productsafety

Most large TVs are supplied with anchor points, and anchoring devices are commonly supplied with tall furniture along with warnings that the anchors must be installed to prevent injury.


If anchors are supplied, you should use them and follow the supplier’s installation instructions. You can also purchase a variety of anchoring devices including straps and brackets from a hardware store. Installation isn’t difficult and you can ask for advice at a hardware store about suitable anchors and the right fasteners for your walls or other building structure.via: productsafety

Safety tips

  • Attach, mount, bolt or otherwise secure furniture and televisions to walls and floors.
  • Put locking devices on all drawers to prevent children opening them and using them as steps.
  • Do not put heavy items on top shelves of bookcases.
  • Discourage small children from climbing on furniture.
  • Do not put tempting items such as favourite toys on top of furniture that encourages children to climb up and reach.
  • Do not place unstable furniture near where children play.