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Laddroller 4×4 Standing Wheelchair Of The Future

Laddroller designed by architect Dimitrios Petrotos its a futuristic powered standing wheelchair that elevates the user in the standing position instantly, only with the motion of the wheels.When the 2 sets of wheels come closer to each other, the whole geometry of the wheelchair changes and the user stands up instantaneously.// laddroller

source/image: Dimitris Petrotos

Returning to the sitting position is just gravity’s job.Laddroller is selectively 4-wheel drive and thanks to the placement of the bigger wheels in the front it is able to overcome obstacles like steps, curbs and gaps.read more: laddroller

Its modular design makes it easily portable in the trunk of a medium car and it can be also propelled manually in case battery runs low. Laddroller is an entirely new, innovative approach in mobility compared to the existing devices.


It operates easily from any position of the user’s posture and is able to climb curbs and overcome gaps even going forward thanks to its differentiated approach.High quality metal alloy frame, state of the art electronics, reliable motors and the ease of use, compile a unique, effective and promising product.