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The MADMAX a Jet Bike Powered By a Rollsroyce Allison Gas Turbine Engine


Motorbike powered by a rollsroyce Allison gas turbine engine, over 500bhp output and road legal!! Ridden/Piloted By Zef Eisenberg.

source/image: Miltec

The MADMAX is powered a 250-C20B Turbine from Rolls Royce and its capable of reaching 540bhp by adding more fuel, which in turn makes more power and can reach a top speed of 233.6mph/374kmh.

Unlike a regular motorcycle engine, a helicopter unit requires a whole load of specific and specialist tools, he frame had to be redesigned and strengthened.


As the motorcycle is not thrust powered but wheel driven The MADMAX Race TEAM fabricated a new single speed gearbox with a multi plate carbon dry clutch.The project cost is estimated at about £200,000 and is still in development.

The entire design and manufacture of carbon/kevlar tail unit and tank, gearbox, bespoke wiring, LED tail and headlight, CNC sprockets, subframe, race steering damper and brackets

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