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The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, Powered By IBM Technology Will Help Unlock The Secrets Of The Ocean

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship will set sail in September 2020, 400 years after the first Mayflower, and this time AI and other advanced technologies will be at the helm.The autonomous ship, will help unlock the secrets of the ocean.

source/image: ibm

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will use IBM’s AI, most powerful servers, cloud and edge computing technologies to navigate autonomously and avoid ocean hazards as it makes its way from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

source/image: ibm

If successful, it will be one of the first self-navigating, full-sized vessels to cross the Atlantic Ocean and will open the door on a new era of autonomous research ships.


The vessel will carry three research pods containing an array of sensors and scientific instrumentation that scientists will use to advance understanding in a number of vital areas such as maritime cybersecurity, marine mammal monitoring, sea level mapping and ocean plastics. video: IBMSystemsEurope

The work will be coordinated by the University of Plymouth, the UK, which is at the forefront of marine and maritime research, with support from IBM and ProMare. ProMare is also working with IBM to create machine learning models for vehicle control, route planning and optimization, analysis of results from its automatic identification system and to avoid adverse weather.