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MIKU MAX Electric C-Shaped Smart Scooter

The Miku Max is an electric scooter from the well known Chinese electric scooter manufacturer SUNRA, with a modern design and a range of 60 km. Easy to use and low maintenance, it features high quality components including a Bosch Brand Motor and a Lithium-Ion Battery.

source/image: SUNRAEV

The MIKU MAX is technically a scooter, though one with an unconventional design.The frame is C-shaped, leaving a large hollow void under the seat. The idea is that you could use it for cargo storage,

The scooter has a high quality 800 watt Bosch electric motor and a 20 Ah removable Lithium battery for a range of 60 km. The top speed of the scooter is 45 km/h.The “floating” C-shape design body frame can carry 1 heavy person ~100 kg.


The instruments of this electric motorcycle are completely digital, they allow you to know the battery charge level, speed, kilometers traveled and time .The scooter It has an effective and safe disc brake system, LED headlamp with high illumination and four-coupling dampers so that the driver can travel comfortably on rough terrain or with bumps.Complete led lighting system, both in the front, rear turn signals, position light, stop light and on.Maximum visibility Maximum security.