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The Most Impact Resistant Police Riot Shield In The World


The riot shields are light protective devices deployed by the police and some military organizations. Most are made of tough and generally transparent polycarbonate, although some are made of lightweight metals with a view hole.The shields are large enough to cover a man of average size from the top of the head down to the knees. Some riot shields have been designed to be bulletproof.

source: wikipedia/image: Adam Celadin 

They are usually intended to be used in riot control to protect the user from projectiles such as pieces of wood, stones, metal chips and even Molotov cocktails.

In this Video with Riot Shield We Are Going to Test Projectile weapons! Do you think our Shield Will Survive? The shield certainly can take a lot of abuse and survived the onslaught with a few surface marks.


Riot shields are used in almost all countries with a standardized police force and are produced by many companies. Many of the shields are constructed from high-impact transparent polycarbonate so that the wearer can see the objects thrown in, so that the shield can be quickly positioned to prevent damage to the user. Leave your comment in the box below.

VIAAdam Celadin
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