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The New Jet Capsule Royal Version 001, Luxurious Mini Yacht

Completely tailor made around the client, the Jet Capsule offers 18 sqm of wide deck space, providing 9 springy seats, it’s equipped with a toilette room and a dinette corner (bar),the boat is 8 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

source/image(PrtSc): Jet Capsule

The New Royal Version offers significant upgrades over the previous versions and is bigger, faster, & more luxurious than before.This mini-yacht moves thanks to the power of an insolent Yanmar diesel 370hp engine capable of splitting the waves at more than 100 km / h, from 32 and 62 knots.

The installed air conditioning system creates the perfect habit inside the shell but also provides heating should you need to fight off the evening chill while on the water. Priced at $250K, the Royal Version 001 by Jet Capsule is what happens when you combine a spaceship with a luxurious watercraft.


The jet is fully customisable to each client but has the option of being fitted with a Yanmar diesel engines that come with a range of power that goes from 370 hp up to 1040 hp. There’s also a bathroom, a small dinette corner/bar in the back, and air conditioning system pre-installed.