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The O-Wind Turbine – Omnidirectional, Single Axis Turbine

James Dyson Award national UK winner 2018 is O-Wind. O-Wind has redesigned the wind turbine creating an omnidirectional, single axis turbine that takes advantage of horizontal and vertical winds, without requiring steering.

source/image(PrtSc): JamesDysonFoundation

It has the potential to be used in urban environments to generate sustainable electricity.The turbine is of a spherical shape with a single axis of rotation going through it. It makes use of Bernoulli’s principle for its mechanical motion.

O-Wind Turbine is a 25cm spherical device, which sits on a fixed axis and spins when wind hits it from any direction due to the geometric structure of its vents, that allow wind to flow in from all directions, spinning the sphere on a single axis like a globe.


When wind energy turns the device, gears are triggered which kickstarts a generator. The generator converts the wind energy into electricity which we hope to then plug into the home or the grid. O-Wind is still in the early stages of development and no details on its power output are currently available.