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Electric Tug V-move Heavy Trailer Mover XXL – Move Huge Trailer By Hand


The V-move® Trailer Mover XXL was developed by Verhagen Leiden to move trailers up to 20 tons.Since the launch the V-move® Trailer Mover XXL has been a great sucess. The customers who are using the machine on a daily basis provide us with very positive feedback and we’ve had a lot of (social) media attention.

source/image(PrtSc): Verhagen Leiden

Based on the experience, feedback and interest from companies all over the world we decided to develop two complete new Trailer Movers:20 Tons: to move empty trailers. 40 Tons: to move full loaded trailers.

It has the latest drive technology utilizing a 4kw electric motor. Standard Continental tires provide great traction in the most extreme conditions. The 36 volt batter allows for a long run time.The V-move XXL is equipped with emergency stop, horn and anti-tipping device. Optional air compressor can be mounted to release the brakes.


Due to the success and enormous attention all over the world, the Trailer Mover XXL is currently sold out. If you are interested in one of the new Trailer Movers and you wouldlike to be kept updated, please sign-up to our newsletter.