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The Papa Pump Using Sureflow Control Valve Technology, A Revolution In Ram Pump Control

Water Powered Technologies has developed the Sureflow Valve to work with the Papa Pump and ensure seamless and automatic operation where flows are small, variable or intermittent. … As the water level in the supply tank drops, a float arrangement causes the Sureflow valve to close.

source/image(PrtSc): Water Powered Technologies

This is a video showing how the revolutionary Sureflow Control Valve system can control the Papa ram pump during times of low- or no-flow conditions. A ram pump is a water powered pump which enables you to pump water from a stream or river on your farm or off grid property and obtain free water for your livestock

With a Sureflow system fitted to a Papa Pump, as the level in the tank drops the float arrangement causes the rotary float valve to operate. This allows water pressure to act on the upper side of a diaphragm in the valve whilst venting pressure on the lower side of the diaphragm, thereby closing the valve and thus preventing water flow through the pump.


Conversely, as the water level in the supply tank rises, it will cause the float arrangement to reverse the pressure on the diaphragm and allow the flow valve to re-open, automatically restarting the pump. At times of low-flow in watercourses, this system will also automatically restrict the abstraction of water when it is below a minimum level in accordance with environmental considerations. This allows the system to operate fully automatically to the mutual benefit of ourselves and the environment.