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The Pinecone Treehouse – A Spectacular Tiny Home In The Trees


This treehouse is one you need to see to believe. Shaped like a pinecone and suspended from a circle of towering redwood trees, this geometric masterpiece hangs suspended like an otherworldly temple amongst the canopy. Constructed by treehouse master-builder Dustin Feider, this home in the treetops is not only a work of art, but also an engineering marvel.

source/image:  Living Big In A Tiny House

In this video, we explore the construction of this treehouse, how it’s attached to the trees and learn all about the construction materials and techniques used in building this unique structure.If you’ve ever dreamt of building a home, or even just a sanctuary in the trees, this treehouse is one that you you won’t want to miss!

Fixed to the trees from eight different points, the treehouse is completely secure and has very little movement. It’s primarily constructed from a bolted steel frame, which is complimented by acrylic window panels, each uniquely shaped and cut to form the appearance of a pinecone.


The process of attaching the treehouse to the redwoods is of course invasive to the tree, however when done correctly is not harmful in any way. In fact, the trees themselves strengthen around the attachment points and in a way re-engineer themselves together with the treehouse forming a beautiful synergy.//livingbiginatinyhouse