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The Pluma Track Bike Concept With a Lightweight Body & Elegant Shape


Development of the Pluma took a year, with final construction being done by French company Constellation Composite.Given that the bike is made for track racing, it has no brakes and just a single 51 x 15 fixed gear.

source/image: behance/Nuno Teixeira

The Pluma’s unique design is also intended to protect the rider from the drivetrain and the spinning rear wheel in the event of a crash – something that happens not infrequently in the world of track racing.

source/image: behance/Nuno Teixeira

PLUMA is a fixed-gear bike, and like all professional track bikes, don´t have brakes. The PLUMA features low-slung handlebars which dip below seat level, allowing riders to assume the most aerodynamically aggressive position as possible.


The PLUMA was initially conceived by Portuguese industrial designer, Nuno Teixeira back in 2010.Nuno Teixeira industrial design’s elegant bicycle has been taken from render to reality by constellation composite, specialists in turning concept transport designs into working physical pieces.

Our Pluma Track Bike is literally flying (0:09) at the “Fiets-Bike-Fahrrad, design on two wheels” exhibition at Cube Design Museum, the Holland’s first museum entirely dedicated to design – 1 July t/m 3 December 2017.video from L1

VIAbehance/Nuno Teixeira
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