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RemorK Easy Load Multi-Purpose Motorcycle Trailer


The RemorK is multi-purpose trailer is ideal for the transport of your motorcycle and scooter, with the possibility of adding on the rear platform bikes or an aluminum trunk. Fits as well behind a car, van or camper. This Trailer is designed to carry larger motorcycles and has a unique system that lowers the load platform to ground level to make it easier to load the bike.

source/image(PrtSc): TCC PRODUCTION

Motorcycle rail automatically tilts effortlessly with standard wheel locks on slides that allow you to hoist the bike without any effort. The “automatic” version allows the wheel block to be automatically lowered for loading at ground level./remork

Rear platform that can receive: bike, trunk aluminum,additional loading up to 200 kg.Equipped with casters for storage and vertical movement.The chassis is entirely made of galvanized steel,750 kg axle.


Reliable movement: great stability on the ground, motorcycle or scooter does not move during transport. This is a ultimate built trailer and due to it having a transverse design, this keeps the trailer length as short as possible.