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The Root AI Virgo Tomato Harvesting Robot

Root AI is proud to introduce the Virgo harvesting robot. To learn more about how autonomous harvesting is transforming the agricultural industry. Virgo is equipped with lights on board and ability to navigate large commercial greenhouses any hour of the day or night, detecting which tomatoes are ripe enough to harvest.

source/image: Root AI

A system-on-module runs the Virgo’s AI-software brain. A robotic arm, with a dexterous hand attached, moves gently enough to work alongside people, and can independently pick tomatoes without tearing down vines.

The robot’s “fingers” are made of a food-safe plastic that’s about as flexible as a credit card, and easily cleaned.Virgo can pick tomatoes without bruising them and has a much better idea than humans of when they are ripe.


By using The Virgo, farmers can save time because all plants, especially tomatoes.One of the most unique things about the Virgo, he notes, is that the company can write new AI software and add additional sensors or grippers to handle different crops.