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The Rowcycle Innovative Rowing Bike – Outdoor Exercise Machine


The ROWCYCLE Masterskull is an innovative sporting equipment combining features of a bicycle and a rowboat.A special feature of the ROWCYCLE is its steering system. A rowboat on water leans to the left and to the right side. This movement was constructively implemented.

source: rowcycle /image: ROWCYCLE

As the frame inclines around its longitudinal axis there is a corresponding, immediate movement of the front wheels to the appropriate side.

Thus there is no steering wheel or other kind of steer kit. The athlete steers by weight shifting. Due to its steering system the ROWCYCLE is very maneuverable.


A course correction is made intuitively by weight shifting.Since the handle of the ROWCYCLE and its steering system are not directly related, the athlete’s coordinative and cognitive skills are promoted and improved.

Due to this special steering system, the ROWCYCLE provides a very own and special riding experience and of course a great riding pleasure.