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The Spirit of Australia II, A Jet Powered Race Boat

Spirit of Australia II is the new second generation, Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record Challenger by Warby Motorsport, the boat has taken 5 years to complete. Designed by Ken Warby, Spirit of Australia II is an new & improved version of Ken’s World Record holding boat, the original Spirit of Australia.warbymotorsport

source: warbymotorsport / image(PrtSc): Callan Gilding

The improvements made includes the boat being slightly longer, sponsons altered, balance ( CoG) powerplant change, rudder modifications and safety. Spirit of Australia II has close to 50% more power than the original boat, Powered by a Rolls Royce Orpheus 803 Ex Italian Air Force Jet engines, removed from a Fiat Gina G-91 jet fighter.warbymotorsport

Construction of Spirit of Australia II was lead by Dave Warby, (an experienced boat builder & UIM & APBA accredited reinforced cockpit builder) along with the Warby Motorsport Team.


Spirit of Australia II does feature the latest in safety equipment, featuring a reinforced cockpit, 6 point harness ,HANS Device, the latest Lifeline on-board air system, GPS tracking system, two way radio system, 3 stage on-board fire extinguisher system. Spirit of Australia II also has an on-board flotation system./warbymotorsport