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The U5000 Expedition Off-Road Vehicle Build

Unidan Engineering specialises in the customisation and restoration of the Mercedes Benz Unimog and other off-road vehicles for both expedition and commercial use and everything in between.

source/image(PrtSc): Unidan Engineering

This video features our most recent fixed body build, fitted out as an expedition vehicle. Showing the ins and outs of this build and its capabilities.The U5000 is the answer for those who like to conquer the roughest terrain – in complete luxury.Watch the video from Unidan Engineering for more info:

The compact living space has been designed to create a spacious open feel, with all the modern features appliances you would expect of a small unit. Its luxury feel is created through the use of high end materials.


CHASSIS: Blasted and repainted chassis, diffs and gear box, Michelin 395/85 R20 tires x 6, Custom dual long range fuel tanks, 640L water tanks, Custom bar work, Front winch, Rear winch with integrated tow bar, Rear winch 17,500lb Runva, Rear chassis extension, Custom torsion free subframe. Read more: unidan