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The VARIO Perfect 850 Luxury 7.5t Motorhome

Luxury version VARIO Perfect SH + Platinum edition, 8 – 12 m length. An integrated motorhome system on truck or omnibus chassis from 7,5 – 26 t.

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Trademark for this version are the high-quality chassis from Merceds Benz or MAN, individual interior layouts with up to three slide-outs and a rear garage for a car as well as extremely luxurious extras.

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The outside width is anywhere between 2,50 – 2,55 m. Based on large additional space sections the VARIO Perfect model is well suited for an additional garage to carry your small car with you while traveling.


On board the three-sided walk-in queen-size bed, an exclusive bathroom, kitchen equipment and multimedia of the finest quality. A registration as a 7.5 t motorhome is possible, as well as with a load-friendly 8,800 kg gross vehicle weight.

This model is well known for its sandwich-constructed flooring system ideal for tank installations. The double floor throughout the entire chassis provides vast amount of additional space. Even though it has a front engine there is no disturbing engine lid between driver and drivers side.