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VARIO Signature 1200 Motorhome With A Car Garage


Weighing in at 26 tons and measuring 39 feet in length, the quantitative data about the new three-axle Vario Signature 1200 travel trailer does a good job at describing how large it is.

source/image: vario-mobil

Unlike the VARIO alcove, the design and the distinctive front / cab of the XXL cabin are integrated – even with a transversely adjustable second row of seats for quadruple pilots and co-pilot exhilarations.

source/image: vario-mobil

Powered by a six-cylinder turbo diesel boasting 523 horses, the massive motorhome is a Mercedes-Benz Actros that Vario has upgraded with a number of high-end touches.


The really amazing part about this luxury motorhome, however, is the fact that it has its own internal garage large enough to store a Porsche 911 or similarly sized car.

Seamlessly interlacing transitions and the all-round real glass light band give this exclusive motorhome the striking shape. This type of vehicle offers plenty of space for separate sleeping areas with 4 to 6 beds. Individually tailored room concepts guarantee the highest level of living comfort.

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