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The Very First Rocket Ship 1950s Von Braun Concept


In 1955, Disney aired a special called Man In Space – In it Von Braun showed off what was to be, the then, future of space travel, with the ferry rocket being front and center.

source/image(PrtSc): Escape Velocity

Von Braun Ferry Rocket was a concept design for a shuttle spacecraft that was developed by Wernher von Braun in a seminal series of early-1950s Collier’s magazine articles, “Man Will Conquer Space Soon!” by Wernher von Braun et al. The Ferry Rocket concept has evolved over time./Escape Velocity

A rocket of insane propotions, that was so tall and collosal that it looks like its right out of the war of the worlds – from the martian side .


It was called simply – the rocket ship. It did have some simulartiy to previouis designs by Von Braun, such as the A-11 and A-12, and had appeared in some publications before hand, but this version was the pinnicle of his design career./Escape Velocity

VIAEscape Velocity
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