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The Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine – Reinventing The Wind Power


Vortex is a new paradigm in renewable energy with wind generators which need no blades.Bladeless turbines are gearless, oil-less, silent, harmless to birds, low-maintenance and cost, self-running and standalone, for on-site generation and quick adaptation to wind changes.

source/image: Vortex Bladeless Wind Power

Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish startup company that has European H2020 funding with Seal of Excellence and Innovation SME 2020. We are designing a wind turbine which is not actually a turbine since it does not rotate. Bladeless wind power could be the future of renewables hybrid solutions. Under development!

The founders further claim that their Vortex Mini – the 13 meter (42 feet), 4 KW model – can capture up to 40% of the wind’s power during ideal conditions. Based on field testing, they admit that while the Mini is 30% less efficient than conventional wind turbines


Vortex Bladeless is a vortex induced vibration resonant wind generator, as compared to HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbines) and VAWT (vertical axis wind turbines) that work by rotation. Vortex’s innovation comes from its unusual shape and way of harnessing energy by oscillation..wikipedia

Ehere a fiberglass and carbon fiber mast oscillates in the wind taking advantage of the emission of Von Karman’s vortexes when a fluid passes through a slender structure.At the bottom of the mast a carbon fiber rod moves an alternator that generates the electricity with no moving parts in contact.Since Vortex devices don’t rotate they cannot be technically called “turbines”.