Home Technology Ther “tmsuk” RIDE-ROID RODEM, An Innovative Robotic Wheelchair

Ther “tmsuk” RIDE-ROID RODEM, An Innovative Robotic Wheelchair

In today’ s ageing society, RODEM was developed to realize a society where it is easy for everyone to live.RODEM is an entirely new product, which was created from scratch, not from existing concepts.Based on the concept of “A high quality of life, to all” , tmsuk is supporting the movement to widen the users living area and increase their quality of life.

source/image: tmsuk

Depending on the rider’ s intent, the RODEM can be a robot, a vehicle or a wheelchair. tmsuk wishes to break down the barriers facing elderly and disabled people, so that everyone will be able to use the RODEM to the fullest.

We plan on introducing this new Universal Vehicle in Japan and to the rest of the world.The seat height is adjustable. The robot controls its wheels separately, so it can turn on a dime. It can travel for 15km with a top speed of 3.7MPH battery and climb up a slope of up to 10 degrees.


You can control the wheelchair with a smartphone, so you can easily call it to your bedside or tuck it out of the way at night.It uses a lead acid battery. It has a 9.3-mile range before needing to be recharged.There is an 8 hour charge time.