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The VW e-Delivery, A New Electric Light Truck

The new electric light truck is called e-Delivery and is built at Volkswagen Caminhões in Brazil.While the conventional diesel versions of Volkswagen Delivery has already entered the market in South America, the E-Delivery is not expected until 2020.

source/image: Volkswagen Group

The electric truck will be a true World-Truck: the company is planning to sell it in over 30 countries including EU countries.The GVW range is from 3.5 to 13.5 tonnes for the diesel version as well as for the e-Delivery.

The electric motor, which is backed up by a lithium-ion battery pack, feeds 109PS (107hp) to the two-wheel drive system, with its total driving range said to be up to 200km (124miles).The battery packs have a modular design. The maximum battery capacity is 170 kWh.


In order to cover both a wide speed range and a good mountaineering capability, the e-Delivery is equipped with a transmission in a drivetrain.Volkswagen says that their first electric truck developed in Brazil also features regenerative braking, with 3 stages, and an Eco-Drive Mode, meant to help it to achieve its driving range.