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The Willys Flat Rat “JEEP RAT ROD” City Rukkus

Bradly Andrew Skornik outdid himself on this build. To all of us that saw this build at the 2018 Rat City Rukkus, it was no surprise that it won Best of Show.What started out as a 1976 Ford F350 dually, turned into this badass Jeep rat rod: The Willys Flat Rat./ NotBob Channel

source/image(PrtSc): NotBob Channel

While others are happy to stick with some tried and true approaches to building their rat rods, Bradly went off the beaten path…way off.The engine is a 460 (sporting a mild RV cam, a tunnel ram with two Holley 450’s and hand fabricated aluminum valve covers)./ NotBob Channel

With a C-6 automatic transmission, that is linked to a 2005 Ford Superduty 1-ton single rear wheel 4×4 axle by a 14 inch drive shaft that runs between the custom made bobber seats. Yes, a 14 inch drive shaft.


The tub is a 1950 Willys Jeep, with a widened 1930’s window frame and a widened Model A visor….and he was pretty creative with the steering too.All of that is riding on airbags and rolling on some very cool wheels and tires: 22.5″” Alcoa centered front Semi wheels and the rears are Semi 22.5 445 Supersingles.