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The World’s Loudest Hummer Boasts 86 Speakers!!


The car is equipped 86 SPEAKERS, 11 amplifiers, and more than a mile of LED light wiring have been crammed into an H2 Hummer to create a deafening party-mobile.//Barcroft Cars

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Rafael Capone has modified cars all his life, but his ‘Soul Asylum H2’ Hummer, built to promote his recording studio of the same name, has taken things to a new level. Wathch the video from Barcroft Cars for more info:

The speaker-packed behemoth has been dominating car show competitions around Rafael’s native Atlanta, wowing crowds with its all-custom interior and LED light set-up.


Rafael told Barcroft Media: “No piece of this car was left factory. The reaction when we pull up is always a, ‘Wow, I love your car’.In order to power this huge audiosystem, Hummer was given 7 batteries and three alternators. The connection of all components then serves approximately approx. 4.8 km of copper cable.//Barcroft Cars