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The XSV 17 Thunder Child Is Literally Unsinkable

The XSV 17 “Thunder Child by Safe Havenmarine is a boat designed to perform in the harshest of weather. It can even flip itself upright if it’s ever capsized. While watching this thing in action it almost feels like an R.C. toy because it’s so impervious to waves and flipping over.

source: safehavenmarine /image: frankwildcat

This means that it will not sink, even if it turns over. You can check this only in one way – turn the ship over and see what will happen. The boat’s watertight cabin and low center of gravity are the two factors which enable it to flip upright when capsized./Havenmarine

The vessel is equipped with special seats, they can accommodate up to 12 people. Each seat is mounted on a separate suspension, absorbing vibrations from shock waves. Also in the boat you can install a hidden automatic machine gun, controlled remotely. A special stabilization system is provided for it.


Thunder Child has a top speed of 54 knots so it’s definitely built for speed in addition to being designed to handle the absolute harshest of weather. It has a range of 750 nautical miles,it can travel crazy distances without having to refuel, The boat is designed for commercial, search, rescue or military operations.