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The Zyrus LP1200, 1,200hp Twin Turbo Lamborghini


There are crazy Lamborghinis, and then there’s the Zyrus LP1200, a completely rebodied Huracan Super Trofeo with a Twin Turbo V10! Zyrus Engineering have created this mental machine with 1,200hp.

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

Over 1,200kg of downforce, and only weighing 1,200kg itself so there’s nowhere better to take it for a drive than the Dubai AutodromeHowever, today for me, it’s the ‘big one’ and arguably the most insane car I have ever driven in the form of the LP1200.

Like the LP620-2 Super Trofeo, all of the power is going to the rear axle, and in this case with road going Pirello Trofeo R tyres because this is going to become a road car!


24 racecars and 12 Street cars will be made in total by the team from Norway. The car itself has over 500 newly made components specific to it including an entirely new body but retaining the Huracan looks and DNA.

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