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Thermo-Electric Artificial Muscle For Robots Prototype


This is 3th version of my thermo-electric artificial muscle for robots and prosthesis.I started to research this kind of muscles to eliminate big powering unit of hydraulic system to not to carry it with prosthesis arm and humanoid robots.

source/image(PrtSc): Automaton Robotics

Operating power 30V and 10A. Results are not so impressive in comparsion to hydraulic ones, but there is a hope to find better working fluid.

Now it is acetaldehyde with has 1 bar in 20°C and 6.58 bar in 70°C. It should be something with operating temperature near 36°C and occurs pressure change 1 bar on every 2 or 3°C.


Development of this kind of artificial muscles is important because it allow to reduce size of hydraulic system to low pressure circulating cooler./Automaton Robotics

VIAAutomaton Robotics
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