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This Emergency Pipe Repair – Fixes Leaking Or Burst Pipes In Seconds


The Kibosh emergency pipe repair is a temporary repair clamp for burst or perforated pipes. Works with copper and metal pipes and over joints and fittings. Check out this demo for more details.

source/image(PrtSc): Rothenberger UK Ltd

The Rothenberger Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair is a unique and simple Patented device. It provides an affordable, quick and professional temporary repair for burst or accidentally perforated water pipes making it a must for every toolbox, and the top drawer..just in case!

This ingenious little gadget will get you out of some tight spots if you ever get a burst pipe. Just clip it over the burst and you have a temporarily repaired pipe until the plumber arrives, and you can continue using your water.


The device is intended for professional and un-skilled use to stop the flow from a burst or accidentally perforated pipe until a full repair can be carried out.Clamping application is achieved manually so that no tools are required.The Kibosh device had to apply a uniform sealing pressure on the pipe and contain water pressures in excess of 10 bar.

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