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Mermaid Encounter Recorded At Great Barrier Reef


The legendary aquatic creature, has been painted and described as a human female who has the tail of a fish and upper body of a woman. Equally so, there are the merman as well—being that of half-man and half-fish.Mermaids have since become a part of folklore. In many different cultures, they have appeared in parts of Europe, Africa and Asia./freaklore

image/text credit: MarginalMedia

One of the very first stories originated with the goddess Atargatis—who transformed herself into a mermaid, out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover.This is probably the best mermaid proof to date. A diver enjoying the stunning scenery at the Great Barrier Reef managed to capture a video of a mermaid. I would have gone crazy if I saw a real mermaid out in the sea, but it would surely be a crazily wonderful experience./freaklore

The Great Barrier Reef itself, reaches well over 2,300 km long and is technically the largest living thing on planet Earth. It is even visible from outer space. The reef here consists of 600 different types of soft and hard coral.


Many different species of fish flourish here including mollusks, starfish, turtles, dolphins and sharks among others. It is here, that this man claims this video footage is genuine and was recorded about 6 feet under water, showing a swimming mermaid creature.

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