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This Is What a $27,000 Paiste Gong 80″ Sounds Like – The Sound Of a Note Goes On Forever

The 80″” symphonic gongs are large, very large & mega-large gongs. These instruments are a force of nature. They have power to simulate a storm and the grace to sooth a baby. Though ever Large symphonic gong is consistent in it’s over all Symphonic character, each one is still unique and has it’s own nuances.

source: artdrum / image: Jere Friedman

They are awesome for performance & equally effective for sound healing providing the deep benefits, which our bodies are made and able to get from musical pitches, harmonies, rhythm and soothing energy. Of course, these also make for the most amazing percussion set-up for orchestras, bands, music rooms & studios.

Of course, the dynamics (harmonies) of a 80″ Paiste gong are amazing, forming invisible, but real geometric patterns and structures with the sound waves. Although these are invisible to our eyes, they are very visible & real to our body cells as well as our mind & spirit.


When these gongs are played with care & skill the sound structures benefit us in wonderful ways. Experiencing the vibrations from the 80″ gong regularly is a great way to enhance energy and vitality in your life. The experience is beyond words.