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This RC Auto Union Type C of 1936 Race Car Has An Working V16 Engine

Auto Union Type C of 1936, RC-Modellauto in scale 1:3. Water cooled V16 with central overhead camshaft. Bore 24mm, stroke 30mm, 13.5ccm per cylinder, cylinder bank angle 44 degrees. The V16 is an annealing igniter running with methanol, nitro and oil.

source/image: v12-factory

Approx. 8% nitro and 9% oil.Vehicle length 1280mm, width 560mm, height 340mm, weight approx. 40Kg.Wheelbase 933mm, track width rear 470mm.Second start attempt to test the clutch and gearbox.

The body is equipped with fully independent suspension and hydraulic drum brakes.It’s not just a pretty wonder sitting on a stand, either.


This thing runs and moves.It even has on-board electric starting! Needless to say, this is a passion project, not something you can buy off the shelf. Amazing work.