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Biggest Bell In The World – The Bell of Good Luck

The Bell of Good Luck the Blessing Bell is the biggest working bell in the world. It measures over 8 meters in height and is 5.1 in diameter. The weight of the bell is 116 tonnes which would make it very heavy indeed.

image.source: Goorney

The Bell of Good Luck is a large bell located in Foquan Temple in Pingdingshan, Henan, China. It is close to the Spring Temple Buddha, the world’s tallest Buddha statue.

The bell weighs 116 metric tons, and is 8.108 metres in height and 5.118 metres in diameter at its widest point.The Bell of Good Luck therefore, at the time of its construction, claimed the title of heaviest functioning bell in the world weighing 255,200 lbs or 115,757 kgs.


The bell was cast in December 2000 and first rung at midnight on New Year’s Eve the same month. The bell’s shoulder section is adorned with 36 lotus petal patterns.