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Tiny Electric Helicopter With Electric Tail Rotor Testing


The helicopter in question started life as a Mosquito Air, a bare-bones kit helicopter originally powered by a two-stroke engine. The engine and gearbox were replaced with an EMRAX 228 109 kW brushless motor.

source/image(PrtSc): OskarRDA

Some more aggressive testing of the electric tail rotor to see what the limitations are. So far it’s performed exceptionally well.One question that gets asked a lot is “How long does the battery last?”.

Here is the answer:The battery capacity is 7.8kWh.When hovering the power required is 21kW, so the battery will last 7.8/21 hours = 22 minutes.When flying just above ETL (about 20km/h) the power required is 17kW, so the battery will last 7.8/17 hours = 27 minutes.


For the mechanical foot pedals to work as they do in a gas-powered helicopter, the pedal movement needs to be converted into an electric signal. The frame is constructed almost entirely from aluminum. This provides the high strength to weight ratio and reliability required in an ultralight helicopter./OskarRDA