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Tow Airplane Concept To Rescue Other Planes In Midair


This monster of a plane is officially called the P Brooker flying Landing platform but I call it the plane plane matching the speed of our ailing 737-100 the aircraft Rises and grabs hold of the plane securing it tightly the plane then turns and brings the 737 back to Earth safely Landing without incident. But this rescue operation was only one use of perhaps the most versatile airframe ever built with everything on the table from military ideas oversized cargo and even an insane use to catch space Rockets from the sky like an aircraft carrier, oh and I forgot to mention they also planned for it to take off vertically this aircraft concept is so wild that I couldn’t wait to show it to you today.

source.image(PrtSc): Found And Explained

On 1961 an unusual patent was submitted to the U.S government one peachy Brooker had an idea for a new type of aircraft one that didn’t just carry cargo passengers or had a military use in mind rather it would be an everything plane and the concept wasn’t that far-fetched. There are car trucks that transport new vehicles they’re even boat boats that deliver fancy Yachts around the world, so peachy as I like to call him thought why not aircraft too and this my friends is the madness that he came up with the flying platform was a squat plane that looked like it had been cut in half running along the top would be two parallel Landing tracks that would have had small claws attached to them that could move freely. Watch the video from Found And Explained:

But I’ll get to that part later in the patent there was extensive attention given to the support fuselage structure which would be needed if it was to carry a fully loaded aircraft on top naturally there would be no tail but rather two horizontal stabilize that would actually extend out during flight to better change aerodynamics depending on the load, an invention that I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else on any other aircraft.There would be two small vertical stabilizers on each of these rear winglets the patent document would highlight that this would be a propeller aircraft.


After all it was 1961 but peachy did mention that obviously there would be a jet powered version by the time it got into the sky the plane would also have three lines of landing gears and typical one in the nose that could be steered one in the middle and then at the end of the plane, full load-bearing tail strikes as they were weight-bearing they wouldn’t have the ability to retract into the fuselage lastly. There would be a cockpit located in the front section where the small team would sit during operations with a window to see exactly how close they were to their Quarry also there was a passenger compartment that could be used in cases to evacuate a plane on board during an operation…text from video by Found And Explained.