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Toyota Developed A Liquid Hydrogen Combustion Engine


Toyota surprised me once again, announcing they’ve raced with liquid nitrogen in the Fuji 24 Hour race, accomplishing what they claim is the first for any manufacturer. No one has raced with liquid hydrogen!

source.image: Engineering Explained

The technology is awesome, as it allows for a lot more hydrogen storage versus gaseous hydrogen (stored at 700 bar). Here, the low pressure liquid must be kept at -253ºC, however, which is quite a challenge.

According to Toyota, this project had three main challenges: Keeping the liquid hydrogen at a very low temperature. Maintaining the efficiency and capacity of the fuel pump. Controlling the pumped liquid hydrogen, as it converts to gas.


We’ll also discuss another issue that exist with hydrogen, which is how much space it takes up, despite having a better energy density by mass than gasoline. Unfortunately, the energy density by volume is quite a different story. Check out the video to see if this technology is worth the hype!